Fluffy non-woven

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Fluffy non-woven polyester and silicone

Highly fluffy non-woven fabric is made from 100% polyester fibres. It is characterised by its high fluffiness and elasticity. It is light, breathable and resistant to deformation. By modifying its physical and mechanical properties, it can be used in many industries.

Our technical capabilities enable us to produce nonwovens with weights from 80 to 2000 g/m2 and thicknesses from 5mm to 100mm. The widths of nonwovens can vary from 30cm to 480cm, depending on the customer's needs.


  • production of upholstered furniture - as a padding layer for seats, backrests, sides, providing them with an appropriate softness and increasing the comfort of use

  • manufacture of mattresses

  • garden furniture - as a filling layer

  • filling for toys

  • insulation of clothing

  • quilted inserts

  • insulation and filtration panels

  • car upholstery

  • bedspreads

  • fillings for bedding

  • manufacture of prams

  • other

Standard rolls of fluffy nonwovens

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